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芝麻來電 - Jima Caller ID

【 阻擋辨識 】 「 阻擋」或「辨識」廣告來電,被擋的電話會直入留言信箱,被辨識的就會在來電畫面顯示出來
【 支援黑白名單 】就算係資料庫內,都不會被阻擋,自定封鎖名單
【 自動更新 】另外,自動更新功能可保持資庫最新,時刻保持有用高效。

【 Block & Indentify Hong Kong Junk Calls 】 「Block」or「Identify」incoming junk calls, being blocked calls would go to your voice mail directly, being identified calls would be displayed on the incoming call screen with an identity label.
【 Whitelist & Blacklist 】add your own numbers to exclude from blocking, add your own number to blocking
【 Auto update 】The app could update the database automatically on the background without your intervention.





[ 搜羅一切拍拖好去處 ]

- 今晚食飯拍拖唔知去邊好 ?
- 星期六、日拍拖唔知去邊好 ?
- 佢就黎生日,唔知點同佢慶祝 ?
- 其實香港有咩地方拍拖 ?

今日開始,唔洗咁苦惱啦 !


Hong Kong Traffic Ease

[ 香港政府資料一線通 - 應用大賽 - 傑出用戶體驗 APP]
- 實時香港交通閉路電視快拍
- 實時交通新聞
- 巴士路線資訊及巴士站位置
- 綠色小巴,渡輪,電車,路線資訊
- 路邊停車位位置
- 香港油站位置
- 過海的士站位置
- 支援GPS和街景,輕鬆預覽街道樣子
- 支援中英文界面
(Support Both Chinese and English interfaces )



尋找香港好地方 ? 或是在週末想找個好地方去 ?
不管你是本地薑,或是訪港遊客,"好地方HK" 可以幫到您 。

[ Ezone 雜誌 781 期介紹APP ] : 想在繁忙的生活輕鬆一下,未必一定要出外旅遊。好地方HK Lite介紹不少本地好去處,分類不但清晰,又方便易用。用戶不妨以此計劃行程,跟親朋好友一同探索香港。

包含200+個地方 , 過500張照片 , 內建Google地圖 , GPS定位 , 提供路線和提醒 , 提供精選一日遊建議


Hong Kong Taxi Cards

The translator can speak in Cantonese !
With over 9,000 Hong Kong addresses translated into written Chinese, phonetic Cantonese, equipped with function to request for additional addresses and get feedback very quickly, this is not an ordinary dictionary type translator app.

If you are non-Cantonese speaking visitor or resident to Hong Kong, this app will definitely helps, especially when you need to take taxi.

- support on demand address request - dynamic and huge database



[ 香港政府資料一線通 - 應用大賽銀獎APP]


Available on iphone, Apple Watch and Apple TV


BabyBeat 寶寶節拍 - 胎兒心跳顯示器

Use microphone to visualise your baby's sounds in the uterus (Heartbeats, Movements, Kicks, etc).Turning it into visual waveform.
This app also works well for measuring BPM ( Beat per minute) for adults.

BB Flashcards

- over 200 given cards
- high quality images with text and voiceovers
- three speaking language ( English, Cantonese and Mandarin )
- able to make your own cards
- build-in flash card autoplay learning mode
- support grouping of cards to design courses for you kids

- 超過200張學習卡
- 配有文字和高質素圖像的發聲學習卡
- 支援三種語言 (英語、廣東話、普通話)
- 可自製學習卡
- 內置閃卡自動播放模式
- 支援自訂組合,自由設計適合寶寶的課程


Hong Kong Expat Cards

Are you non-cantonese speaking, but living in or travelling to Hong Kong ?
Needless to say, it’s always nice to understand some words or phrases in local language.
I have many colleague who are non-Cantonese speaking. And this app is created for Expats like them.
- learn cantonese using the speech function
- location cards for hong kong tourist spots
- create your own cards
- add favourite cards
- request words & phrases
New cards are regularly updated from our server. Just open the app and it would automatically download for free.


Hong Kong Airport - Flight Info.

- Real time flight information
- Passenger Arrivals, Departures
- Cargo Arrivals, Departures
- Super friendly user interface
- 實時航班信息
- 抵港,離港客機
- 抵港,離港貨機
- 超級友好的用戶界面


Hong Kong Public Toilets

- 支持離線模式, 適合旅行者
- 支持GPS
- 支持街景視圖

This app helps you find public toilets in Hong Kong
- Works Offline, which suitable for travellers
- Support GPS
- Support street view

The Coupe

The Coupe - Diamonds and Jewellery for the Beloved
Product catalogue which show hot offers.

- Product catalogue system for a jewellery store
- Manage app catalogue just using a smartphone without a desktop
- A starting point for building brand loyalty

GURU Dodge

[ Simple dodge game, but addictive ! ]
Drag left and right to control "GURU". Dodge all the asteroids and survive until the boss. "Guru Dodge" is an addictive game built by Apple SpriteKit.